Atrium Painting Unlimited Inc. one of the first to offer the New Roof Aide Treatment System in the Florida area. We have extensive experience in getting any surface prepped and ready for treatment.

Over the past decade RET Inc. has been recognized as an inovator for remedial enviro technology. They specialize in diversified chemical products. They cater to ther growing needs of different businesses, government projects, and consumers. All of their production facitilies, laboratories, offices are staffed by dedicated and highly trained professionals.

The RET Inc., line of proprietary boidegradable products went under vigorous testing and retesting. This makes them 100% environmentally safe. Formualted to treat all types of roofing materials, walls, concrete, vinyl or wood siding, pavers. The New Roof Aide Treatment System may also be applied to other surfaces where stains and molds could occur.

The new roof aide treatment system provides unmatched benefits to any area being treated:

– removes mold and mildew stains                                                  – penetrates deeply into porous surfaces

– can be applied to all type of surfaces                                           – ready to paint, stain or seal

– does not affect structural integrity in any way                               – non-reactive nor corrosive to metal components

– does not leach nor evaporate during or after application              – harmless to animals, shrubs, trees or grass

– long lasting results                                                                        – eliminates yearly pressure cleaning

Atrium Painting Unlimited Inc New Roof Aide Treatment System 2


The NEW ROOF AIDE TREATMENT SYSTEM provides a topical and surface conditioning benefits on which it is applied. The process consists of a number of important properties and new technology providing a longer lasting protection against weather related conditions through the course of the application process. When applied, the NEW ROOF AIDE TREATMENT SYSTEM  adheres to the the treated surface increasing the treatment’s effectiveness and longevity.

Atrium Painting Unlimied Inc New Roof Aide Treatment System

Why new home builders are offering their homes with the New Roof Aide Treatment System?

Roofs are treated with the New Roof Aide Treatment System before they were sold because it adds to the overall aesthetics and value of the property which benefits the buyer greatly as it rids surfaces from accumulating stains and molds; promoting a clean environment. Upon construction, the New Roof Aide Treatment System is applied for a never-to-be-pressure-cleaned, stain-free, molds-free and unchaged original roof color.

All of our professional applicators are properly trained, licensed and insured in the application of the NEW ROOF AIDE TREATMENT SYSTEM with a two-year written preventive maintenance warranty against appearance of stains. We will set up a scheduled roof inspection within the warranty period, in addition, RET Inc. warrants a clean, like-new appearance of your roof during that time. The NEW ROOF AIDE TREATMENT SYSTEM will surely help you prevent premature replacement that would only cost you a few cents a day.