Epoxy Flooring

Residential Specials

New Customer special!
$200 off a 2-car garage Epoxy Flooring

100% solid epoxy “granite floor system”
discounted rate at $4.50 per foot + $200 off

Commercial Specials

Commercial Epoxy Coating for only $4 per sq/ft
For any project over 1000 feet

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Perfect For Garage Floors, Commercial Flooring and more!

Epoxy Flooring is a seamless, durable, long-lasting, and easy way to install a beautifully unique and easy to clean surface on your floor. Epoxy floor applications come in a variety of techniques and finishes that range from simple solid gloss, durable skid-resistant polymer flakes, to 3D metallic illusions. The floor is applied as a liquid with virtually no odor and dries overnight to a rock-solid state that can be put into service immediately.  Great for use in a Decorative area of the homes interior, showroom floors, industrial plant operations, and garages.

Before and After


Highly Resistant

Resistant to oil, cleaning chemicals, gasoline, water resistant, heat resistant.


Easy to clean and maintain

Seamless Look

This will enhance the look of your room/garage

Variety of Finishes

Our team of professional painters are specialists on this service.

10-year Warranty

We offer 10 year warranty on all our projects

Very Durable

It doesn't scratch or chip easily

Epoxy Floor Finishes

Flakes Finish

Metallic Finish


Solid Color

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