Painting Services in Coral Springs, FL

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    Exterior Painting

    Painting services by a well-qualified team can make your Coral Springs home feel new and make you the envy of your neighbors. Whether your home is a single-family unit, a condominium, a two-story townhouse, or a multi-level hi-rise, our painting professionals at Atrium Painting are set for the task. 

    Cabinet Refinishing

    If you would like to have your cabinet refinished, we will do more than clean and repair your cabinet. First, we will remove the cabinets’ current finish. This process is known as “stripping.” Cabinets are stripped by using chemical removers or sanding. After we strip your cabinets, we restore them by painting over them. We can restore your cabinets with any paint color of your choosing! 

    Epoxy Flooring

    Our epoxy flooring process is fast. The liquid dries in just a few hours, but we suggest that you leave the area alone to dry overnight. With this flooring procedure, Atrium Painting offers you a host of options to coat your floors. You may choose from durable, skid-resistant polymer flakes, 3D metallic illusions, or solid gloss. The type of flooring you choose should agree with your household (pets, children, etc.) and personal taste. 

    Our epoxy flooring in Coral Springs, FL, is intended to give you floors that are resistant to stains. Epoxy flooring is ideal for large family households and industrial and commercial buildings. Many homeowners and landlords select epoxy flooring for their stairs and living rooms because epoxy flooring makes it easier to wipe up messes and avoid scuff marks. We also provide our customers with a 10-year warranty!

    Unbeatable Painting Services in Coral Springs, FL

    Atrium Painting Unlimited, Inc. has earned the approval of countless Florida residents, as evidenced by our five-star ratings. We are a trusted painting company in Coral Springs because we only use high-grade materials. We value your business, so it is our aim to repair your home with the highest quality we can secure. Atrium Painting Unlimited, Inc. will provide you with a 10-year warranty in the unlikely event you find yourself displeased down the line.

    Our employees know that many people work remotely today, so they can’t afford to hire workers who are noisy and don’t understand the task. Likewise, many parents homeschool their children, so these households don’t want to choose a company that works slowly and ineffectively, crowding the rooms. Atrium Painting Unlimited, Inc. receives so many positive reviews because our team is considerate of our client’s space and time.

    In addition, our company comes fully licensed and insured. All our workers have received specialized training in their field, with respect to every service we provide. Hiring licensed painters in Coral Springs, FL, reduces the likelihood of inadequacy, unprofessional behaviors, and accidents.

    Another way by which we provide unbeatable service is through our accessibility. When you’re as exceptional a team as we are, you want as many people as possible to benefit from your services. You can find us refinishing cabinets, applying epoxy flooring, or painting the exterior or interior of a residential or commercial building in Coral Springs, Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. To find out if we service your area, give our office a call today! We look forward to hearing from you!

    Create your dream home with our painting experts

    Schedule one of our experts to review your project and provide an on-site or remote estimate.